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Check out the new blog by Coach Bennett – RUNonsense. Coach hopes to share his thoughts on all things running at his new site. You will find Coach Bennett writing on his experiences as an athlete, his views on the sport at any and all levels, and his beliefs on training and racing. You can follow the blog on Twitter by following @RUNonsense

Here is the latest writing from Coach Bennett. Enjoy!

RUNonsense – NEW Blog from Coach Bennett


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buses leaving from LINCROFT are FULL!

no spots left on the buses leaving from LINCROFT.  please see the travel page for details.

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track workouts canceled for june 18

due to thunderstorms, we are canceling track workouts tonight, june 18, 2013.  we will reschedule for later in the summer.  please remember next week’s track workout was already scheduled to  be on thursday instead of tuesday.  see you next thursday!

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The Runners of Boston

Someone or some people decided to spread fear and hatred and terror today at a celebration of life and courage – the Boston Marathon. This evil will never win though. All you have to do is watch the aftermath of the bombs exploding. Life always wins. Love always wins. Grace always wins. Those police and volunteers and EMT and firemen and all of those people who NEVER hesitated to run TOWARDS the danger are why these terrorists cannot and will not win. There are just so many more of US that believe in LIFE. So many people ran today to save not their own lives but others’. They ran straight at horror and death to rescue and comfort and hold and protect. It was the most inspirational and bravest running I have ever seen. So, when a few people among us want to spread darkness we have so many more among us that will fight back with light. There is more good than bad in this world. So, today, especially today, we should celebrate runners. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of you running police, doctors, firemen, volunteers, nurses and EMT. You have reminded us what the Boston Marathon has always been about. You have reminded us to always be brave, run hard, run strong. Explosions At 117th Boston MarathonWe pray for you. We pray for Boston.

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Behind the Videos

I’ve never formally admitted my exact relationship with FancyBoy Productions videos. I even gave an interview on the videos. Click here for the interview on FancyBoy Productions videos But, I never told anyone about the interview. So, I figured that with a new and more personal video coming out now and a new Fancyboy video coming out in the next month that now it may be a good time to talk about where this all started.
In 2007 I bought a Mac. This was right around the time that Alan Webb, Ritz, Shalane, Kara Goucher, and Tegenkamp started to challenge the world’s best distance runners. Well, those two things combined with my love of great music and cheesy movies brought out my first video called Interpol is After Alan Webb. I always believed that our sport deserved the same great melodramatic, John Tesh voice-overed, Hans Zimmer backround music, slow motion, tear jerking, crowd thumping splash that the other so called big time sports got. In high school I would literally force my non-runner friends to watch elite track races that I had taped off the TV onto VHS. I would give them a 2-3 minute background on the runners and the rivalries. Then I would add some in depth information on what the runners were experiencing. I would try to explain to them the incredible fire that tore through your veins, the extreme distress of the last lap as exhaustion and adrenaline battled within your charging frame. Then I would mute the TV. I would put on music instead. Maybe U2. Maybe Smashing Pumpkins. Maybe the Pixies. Maybe Springsteen. The music had to fit. So important. Then I would make them watch. And more often than not, they got it. They understood. And why wouldn’t they? They understood why a running back can run into a brick wall of a defensive line and still drive those legs to gain those precious few extra yards. They understood why a boxer battered and bloody can pick his body up off the ring floor to take some more hits. I knew they would get it if they received the race the same way they received those other sports.
So, It’s 2007. I had a Mac. Americans were rolling. I had iTunes. This could work.
(I needed a name though. I wanted to be anonymous. I came up with Fancyboy Productions. Perfect. Well. not perfect, not even close, but it made me laugh. When I ran for the Farm Team we would call a teammate a fancyboy if he dressed up a little too much when we went out. Seriously, black silk shirts? That’s it. That’s where the name came from. I bet I have received over 100 emails asking me about where that name came from.) After that first video came out I made another. Then another. Then another. Little by little I started to gain views.
Then I posted the videos The First Gold and You’ll Wait For Me. Suddenly I was getting hundreds of new views a day. I knew that I was reaching people. They were understanding. Then in November of 2008 I made Why Do You Run?
It was and remains the video I am most proud of. I tried to finally answer the question that so many had asked me, that so many have asked you. Why Do You Run? will soon hit 500,000 views.
I’ve made a few more videos over the years (14 total with 2.2 millions views on Youtube and 800k on other sites) but I never made one that had to do with me directly until 2 weeks ago. I made a video as a thank you to the alumni, parents, coaches, supporters and friends of CBA XC and Track & Field – where I coach. It meant a great deal to me to be able to do something for all of them. The video marries footage from the 4xMile National Championship that CBA just won in March and pictures and video from the last 40 years of past Colts. Programs with great traditions are only scaling heights made possible by those that laid the foundations. CBA is no different. So many schools have rich traditions in XC and Track & Field. Hopefully, today’s athletes and coaches respect and honor those that wore out the inside lane before they arrived.

This is such a great sport and it is filled with even better people. It deserves our support. But, it also deserves attention. So, grab your Mac, get your iTunes library ready and give the sport the John Tesh voiceover it deserves. Just remember, Fancyboy is already taken.

Check out my (FancyBoy’s) latest video here on before it gets posted on YouTube. In 4xMile footage we (CBA) are wearing red uniforms (not our classic navies) with Lincroft on the chest and hip number 2:

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secrets to success series with coach bennett

Here is an interview with Coach Bennett from the great website runnerspace. The interview covers a wide range of topics from Summer Training to Hurricane Sandy. Please take some time to explore the Runnerspace website. We are so lucky to have sites that cater to the greatest sport there is. So, take advantage of them!

Hope you enjoy the interview.

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announcing two grammar school track meets!

we are so happy that spring is here we decided to host 2 grammar school track meets.
we will have a sprint carnival and a distance carnival ::


  • April 16, 2013
  • CBA, 850 newman springs rd, lincroft, NJ 07738
  • arrive at 4:30 to sign in, meet starts at 5:00
  • events for 4-6 graders :: 100m, 200m, 400m
  • events for 7-8 graders :: 100m, 200m, 400m, discus and long jump


  • April 24, 2013
  • CBA, 850 newman springs rd, lincroft, NJ 07738
  • arrive at 4:30 to sign in, meet starts at 5:00
  • events for 4-6 graders :: 800m, 1200m
  • events for 7-8 graders :: 800m, 1600m, shot put, high jump

if your child is interested, please email us with your child’s name, school, grade, event and best time in that event. we will be seeding the heats, so please be as accurate as possible when sending times.

see you there!

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Adjust (Most of) the Stress Away.

We’ve just finished our second full week of school. That means the athletes have started to adjust to the change in schedule. That means the athletes have started to adjust to the added workload workouts and homework bring. That means the athletes have started to adjust to the strain of racing. And how do I know they are starting to adjust? They are getting sick. Strike that. They are getting over being sick. That is the sign that they are adjusting. The sickness was a reaction to the new stress in their lives. The return of health is the sign that says “adjustment made and we are now, finally, ready for the next step.”

Every August and September high school athletes return to school. The flexibility of their Summer running schedule is replaced with an inflexible school schedule. Homework is what is waiting for them when they get home from their run in September. A few short weeks ago it was a nap or the couch that waited patiently for them to return from their Summer run.  Their diet changes. Their sleep pattern changes. They now walk the halls with hundreds of germ factories called kids.

And every August I remind them to prepare for this inevitability. Start waking up earlier. Start going to sleep earlier. Start doing your morning runs at the same time that you will be doing them once school starts. Start eating better. Start getting used to carrying water around with you.

Basically, I tell them to stress out. But, to stress out while you are still in control and while you can slowly callous yourself to the inevitable changes that the school year brings. If you can adjust, even a little bit, to the changes in schedule that school brings you will be able to deal with the stress far better. Stress leads to sickness and sickness leads to time off and time off leads to loss in confidence and no confidence means no chance. How was that for a run on sentence!

Whether you are a HS athlete or a college athlete or a weekend warrior you can take these lessons and improve your running. If you know that Christmas is a time of year where your running suffers because your time after work is spent preparing for the Holidays and not exercising then adjust in November. Start running a few days a week in the AM before work. Move one of the runs to the weekend. But, do this BEFORE December. Be ready. Christmas, the start of school, April 15, whatever the time of year for you that is most stressful plan ahead a few weeks and adjust your schedule. Give yourself the chance to survive that period a little easier.  Maybe this time you’ll keep running right on through. Maybe this time you won’t get sick. Maybe this time you’ll adjust.

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The Greatest Runners Ever

What an awesome night! For those of you not familiar with our Greatest Runner Ever competition it is a series of races in one night. The athletes begin with a 1 mile race. Then a 400m race. Then an 800. Then a 100. And the competition ends with a 5k XC race. Sound brutal? It is. Sounds fun though too. And it was. Every competitor successfully finished and earned their t-shirt. No one earned it faster than University of North Carolina Tar Heel Dan Mykityshyn. The women were led by Lacey HS standout Danielle Leavitt. And our Master’s champions were Michael Dombrowiecki and Jean Molzon. After the competition we headed to MJ’s in Tinton Falls for some celebratory grub and drinks. It was there that the group were rewarded with their special shirts, medals, and some free drinks. Of course, this would be a great time to thank the recently engaged and still studly Dr. George Kochman for taking the tab from us. It was an incredibly kind gesture and speaks volumes about the good Doc and his non-stop support of this great sport of running. The 4 champions also received their authentic German steins as awards for victory. This event was inspired by the great Ultimate Runner competition put on by the Twin Cities Track Club of Winston-Salem, NC. Tammie grew up in Carolina and had always wanted to compete in the Ultimate Runner. For one reason or another it never happened. With the blessing of the TCTC Tammie decided to put on her own event in NJ. She rolled out the first edition this July. We cannot wait for the 2013 Greatest Runner Ever and we hope many more of you join us for a truly epic and FUN night of racing.


Chris Bennett

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The Long Run

Has XC started? The better question is whether it ever ended. This past Sunday we hosted the first of six Summer Long Runs. A few years ago, coach Sean McCafferty, my wife tammie and I decided that we should get together and host an open run from Holmdel where harriers could meet up and get that long run in together. We would buy water and Gatorade, bagels and watermelon. We would get some music and try our best to make the environment as fun as possible so our athletes would have no excuse not to get that long run in every week. It worked. We then decided to take the next step and invite local runners young and old, experienced and beginner. They came. We knew we had something. We knew we had something good for NJ XC. So we invited everyone. That was two years ago and they have been coming in ever bigger numbers since. This past Sunday we had over 150 runners hitting the trails with us. We had the great Jim Lambert of the Star Ledger and Pat Montferrat of NJRunners covering the gathering. We had a bus of athletes from one team and a carpool of athletes from 2 hours away make the trek to the long run. We had our regulars and some new faces. We had college runners and weekend warriors. We had another great batch of watermelon. We had a great time. So, I invite you all to join us for a long run. You are why it has become a great success and you are why NJ XC is better than ever.




Check out this links for some coverage of our first Summer Long Run of 2012:

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